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Why learn salsa at SoSalsa?

Salsa dancing is a fun, and social experience that anyone can learn. Salsa dancing can be used to quickly connect to people in the Netherlands, and other countries. Salsa dancing is popular around the world.
Jan and Vivian have more than 10 years of experience in teaching the basics of salsa dancing to TUDelft students. Their focus is to quickly learn enough to engage in the social experience at salsa parties from SoSalsa, and other parties in the Netherlands.
Together with SoSalsa, Jan and Vivian offer the most affordable courses in Delft. All profits go to SoSalsa, to enable more and better member activities !

The beginners course features the basic steps of salsa, merengue and bachata. These are the three most popular dances / music styles at salsa parties. With these basics you quickly know enough to have fun at salsa parties. Practice at SoSalsa events is highly recommended!

During the Cuban level three course (3C), we’ll use your experience to focus on “casino style” salsa dancing, dancing around each other. You’ll learn many different turn patterns, leading and following these complicated looking moves. This style of dancing is quite popular in Latin America, a must learn for the -all round- salsa dancer!

The advanced class (Level 4) will teach you more complicated turn patterns that evolve around “cross body lead style” of salsa dancing. This is the most popular salsa dance style in the Netherlands. We’ll create longer combinations, with different levels of complexity for different levels of experience. The same move with an extra turn for the man, or double turn for the lady will challenge dancers from every level.
It is possible to subscribe for both Cuban and advanced class, given enough experience.

‘SoSalsa’ is the name of the cultural student association of the TU Delft. SoSalsa organizes all sorts of activities for students who like to dance Salsa or other dances originating from latin-america. If you enjoy salsa-dancing, and if you would like to share your enthousiasm with other students, then you can become a member of the SoSalsa student association. Click here for more information.

Tal’s blog

Welcome to the world of salsa
Some of you may have joined us after hearing wild stories about a multitude of hot chicks and very close dancing. I have myself been a large contributor to these rumours ;-)
Others had it coming. People who’ve already tried out ballet or ballroom dancing, ultimately crossed over to the spicy side of the force. When it comes to our salsa instructors, myth and truth are hard to keep apart. It’s been whispered that Jan was experimenting with nano particles one day when he accidentally dropped a red chilly pepper in the mix. The explosion set something free deep inside his limbs. From then on, he has been living as Jan by day, but Señor Naño by night! Vivian rather keeps her past undisclosed, but other teachers call her “La Salsera del Diablo,” which says more than we dare to ask about…

I invite you all to tell us how you got here, and in the meanwhile, here is my story. To be honest, I used to be the anti-christ of dancing. But that was only until the cold autumn evening of 14 October 2001 (or some other authentic sounding date), when I saw my mother on her way out, all dressed up and wearing make-up. I should have known better, but I asked “Where are you going to?” That single question changed my life. Well maybe just my rhythm, but work with me here. She said “Oh, I’m going to an introduction course of salsa with Shari.” Shari being a good friend of my age, through our befriended parents. And that’s where my mother added “Hey perhaps you should come along, because otherwise, she’ll have to dance with old Flemish guys.” (Something I wish no-one). Quick decisions needed to be made. As the anti-christ, I had some principles to keep up (I was too shy to dance). But then again, Shari was a dear friend. Alright, I might have had a crush on her back then. OK, OK, the girl was simply hot X-) You guys can discuss the reasons on the forum, but the point is I went to that lesson. A new world opened up to me right there on the dancefloor of Bailando. There were rules you could learn, step by step, and by the end of the lesson, you were one move richer. Give a man any kind of game with skills he can learn to reach higher levels, and he’s hooked. Add girls, and you got one hell of a motivated student.
Ah Bailando… run by the most charming salsa dancing gay couple I have ever met. But that’s another story.
What’s yours?

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